Hail Damage

Faqs For Hail Damage

The appearance of hail damage varies based on the roof’s materials. Granular shingles, such as those composed of asphalt or composite materials, may exhibit granular degradation, exposing the underlying felt, random dents with no discernible pattern, and soft areas on the top. Asphalt shingles can have a gleaming appearance. When this happens in more than a few places, your roof’s life expectancy is likely to be significantly reduced. The same type of random dents, as well as surface breaks with dents next to them, may appear on wooden shingles. Soft metal roofing, such as aluminum and copper, often has dents that show the size of the individual hailstones.

A Hailstorm Hit Us Just Now Why Do I Need It To Be Inspected?

Hail damage, unlike many other types of roofing damage, isn’t usually evident, especially if your roof is made of textured materials like dimensional or architectural shingles. The outer roofing material may have shallow dents that aren’t apparent.Even the tiniest hole could allow rain to soak through the roof deck and into the attic, causing catastrophic water damage if the dents are deep enough to “bruise” the waterproofing layer.

Is It Possible For 1 Inch Hail To Cause Roof Damage?

Yes! Even hail that is less than 1 inch in diameter can cause damage to your roof or other parts of your home. Following a hailstorm, the size of the hail can be a good indicator of the types of damage you’ll be dealing with. While understanding the different sizes of hail and how they affect your home isn’t a guaranteed approach for forecasting storm damage, it’s a good place to start.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix These Issues?

When shingle and roof damage is overlooked, it can quickly lead to leaks or ice dams. Mold damage, electrical problems, and decaying timber are all expensive to repair. For example, wood rot and mold can quickly spiral out of control and are difficult to notice until it’s almost too late. Being proactive about concerns like these can save you hundreds of dollars and keep your property in good shape.

Is A Roof That Has Been Damaged By Hail Covered By Insurance?

A standard homeowners insurance will cover hail damage to the roof, but the extent of coverage will vary based on where you reside, who your insurer is, and the specifics of your policy.

How Long Would I Have To File A Hail Damage Insurance Claim?

Many insurance providers require you to file a claim within one year of discovering hail damage to your roof. We recommend that you schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible if you suspect your roof has been damaged by hail. You’ll need plenty of time to go over damage assessments and any hail damage roof repair prices.

How To Handle Hail Roof Damage?

Once you’ve determined what to do and whether or not your property has been damaged, you’ll need to find a roofing contractor you can trust, especially one that has worked on projects for which homeowners have made insurance claims.