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 We are a reputable roofing company in Birmingham, MI. We provide roof repair, replacement, and installation services for all types of roofs, with unparalleled workmanship and customer service.

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Southfield Roofing Pros has been in the roofing business since 2001. We are a family-owned and operated company that strives to deliver the greatest service to our customers. For example, we go above and beyond by offering free service calls for any leak or roof problem you may have. All of our services and products, including installation, repair, new roofs, guttering, and siding, come with free estimates. With our company, you’re in good hands. We’ll make sure your roof is repaired and looks brand new. We’ve been around for a long time and are known for our high-quality work, dependability, and affordable costs. Our employees are friendly and respectful. We specialise in roofing for both residential and commercial buildings in the Birmingham area. 

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Roof Replacement

Why Do you need roofing services in Birmingham, MI?

Roofing services are essential to protect your home from extreme weather and the constant wear and tear of age. If you have a leaky, damaged, or poor-quality roof that needs to be replaced, then it is in your best interest not to delay. A new roof will keep your home more comfortable by providing insulation and protection from rain, snow, sun exposure, and extreme temperatures. There are many reasons to get a new roof installed on your home, it might be because you need repairs done to your existing one or you want the newest technology for energy efficiency. Either way, a new roof can help make your home look newer and last longer if it’s properly cared for.

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Roofing Installation

Roofing installation is the process of putting a roof on a structure to keep the people within dry and safe from severe winds, as well as to avoid water damage to the interior. For residential or commercial properties, we can install any sort of roofing system. They’ve worked on flat roofs, pitched roofs, metal roofs, and other types of roofing. The first step in replacing your roof is to ensure that your structure has been precisely measured. We will examine the building’s blueprints or just measure it by hand if none are available. The second phase entails assigning one team member to evaluate the installation materials while another team member begins cutting plywood at an angle (to allow rainwater to run off). After preparing all materials, our crew puts protective sheetrock over framing components before pouring concrete, then attaches flashing and other weatherproof materials around roof penetrations into living rooms below. Finally, we’ll apply tar paper on top of that before installing insulation and applying shingles or other roof coverings, followed by sealant around seams between pieces of shingle material cut at angles to allow water to drain. For any queries concerning roofing in Birmingham, MI, call Southfield Roofing Pros at (248) 290-9984.


Roof Repair 

Roof repair is an important consideration for homeowners. It refers to the process of repairing or restoring a roof to its original condition. It entails a number of processes, beginning with a visual inspection of the roof for damage, followed by the planning and execution of any necessary repairs. Re-sealing ridge vents, changing shingles, and rebuilding gutters around downspouts are all examples of this. When a roof is destroyed, water leaks inside the house, causing damage to the internal walls and ceilings. 

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Roof Replacement

When roofing materials are nearing the end of their useful life, roof replacement is an important issue. To avoid leaks and water damage within a home, replacement may be necessary in some circumstances. There are numerous additional reasons to replace a roof, such as wanting to change the style or colour of your roof or having storm damage that requires a new roof. Homeowners may find it difficult to replace an existing roof, but there are specialists that can assist them with their knowledge and experience. Residential and business customers can benefit from Ferndale Roofing Pros’ excellent services. We specialise in flat roofs, shingle roofs, and metal roofs and can offer expert advise on which material is best suited for your needs. They can also assist you in finding the best option for your budget and any other factors that may arise during the process.

Southfield Roofing Pros has a team of roofing experts dedicated to providing you with the greatest roofing experience possible. We work with single-ply and asphalt shingle materials, among others. This ensures that your roof is constructed to last for up to 25 years! All of our services come with a guarantee, which can save you hundreds in future repairs. Please call (248) 290-9984 if you are seeking for a reliable roof replacement provider in Birmingham, MI.






Gutter services

Gutter repair is one of the most straightforward roof repairs you can undertake. Rainwater, leaves, and other debris cannot enter the house until the gutters are repaired. Repairing your gutters is a simple way to prevent water from leaking through your roof, which can cause a range of issues. Water damage to walls and ceilings in your home or office building is a common problem caused by a leaking roof. If water leaks into your structure for an extended length of time, it can lead to mould growth, poor insulation installation, and even structural damage. If you notice any traces of water flowing through the roofing material when it’s pouring outside, such as black streaks on ceiling tiles on an otherwise dry day, it’s a warning that something is wrong with your gutters and should be checked out by our professional before causing any more harm!

Gutter installation is not limited to new construction. It’s also a terrific alternative for homeowners looking to update the look of their present home’s façade. Gutter installation can aid in water drainage and splashback protection, both of which can be problematic in heavy rain or snow. Furthermore, gutters help protect your foundation and landscape from erosion when fitted. When it rains hard or there’s a huge snowstorm, a professional roofing company like us instals gutters across the entire property so you don’t have to worry about water pouring into your house or garden. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with high-quality service that lasts long after our installers depart, with leak-free installations that can withstand most weather situations.

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About Birmingham, MI

Birmingham is about 20 miles north of Kalamazoo in Michigan. It was founded in 1819 by John B. Rowe as the county seat of Oakland County. According to the 2010 census, there were 22,078 people living in 6,055 homes. Birmingham is a tiny city with plenty of eateries and retail complexes to meet the demands of its citizens. Many significant firms, such as Kellogg’s and Kelly Services (which offers employment), have headquarters in Birmingham, and they employ thousands of people. The city also offers a number of yearly events throughout the year, such as the Art Fair on the Square and Blues on Broadway, to keep inhabitants entertained all year!





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However, some people are unaware that a minor leak that results in a wet patch in the corner of your ceiling can quickly escalate into an issue that jeopardises the structural integrity of your home, necessitating substantial and costly repairs.

Our staff is focused on one goal: to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring. You will receive excellent work that is well worth your money.

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