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In Northville, Michigan, we are a well-known roofing business. With unmatched craftsmanship and customer service, we offer roof repair, replacement, and installation services for all types of roofs.

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Residential and commercial roofing are the areas of expertise for Southfield Roofing Pros. Because it is the sole component of a building that shields your home from the elements, the roof is one of the most crucial components. Roofs can deteriorate and wear out over time, leading to leaks and pricy repairs. Every few years, you should have a professional evaluate your roof to make sure you are not ignoring a potential issue that could develop into a costly or, worse, serious condition. We provide services for roofs, gutters, snow removal, and exterior windows and have more than 25 years of experience. With a guarantee on all of their products, we are dedicated to providing exceptional workmanship. They have received no consumer complaints throughout the past few years, earning them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call today for free quote at (248) 290-9984.


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Why You need roofing in Northville, MI?

The act of roofing involves defending a building’s roof from harm or leakage. In colder climes, it can also be utilised to save heat. The temperature, size, and shape of the roof will all affect the materials needed for roofing. Asphalt shingles, metal, slate tile, and cedar shake shingles are a few examples of common building materials. Depending on its intended function, roofs can be classified as either commercial or residential. When a roof needs to be replaced, it might be small-scale repairs or a large-scale replacement when the entire structure must have all the material replaced at once.

Tile shingles, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and rubber roofs are a few of the more well-liked roofing materials out of the numerous available. A very common choice for waterproof protection is tile shingles. Although less expensive than tile or metal, asphalt shingle roofs won’t last as long. The gorgeous dark hue of metal roofing gives them the appearance of slate but without the additional cost. Since it is simple to remove dirt and debris after rain showers, rubber roofs are excellent for places with harsh weather. Roofs are useful for many things, including keeping your house dry and warm in wet weather, preventing water damage inside the walls, sheltering your property from the sun or unwelcome wind draughts outside, and even touching up the paint on your house!

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Roof Installation

Any home must have a well installed roof. Your home’s interior is shielded from water damage by a roof, and there are many different types to pick from. Get a quote for a new roof installation in Northville, Michigan if you need to replace your roof before starting the process. When requesting an estimate for the installation of your new roof in Northville, Michigan, you should take a few factors into account, such as whether the roof will be flat, how many layers will be used, whether gutters will be included, what kind of materials will be used, and how long the installation will take. Some roofs can be installed in a day, while others might take many weeks.


Roof Repair 

At least once every ten years, homeowners should have their roofs checked for deterioration. Because many roofing materials leak or deteriorate considerably more quickly than 20 years, these examinations are crucial. Ice dams, snow mould, and black ice are a few frequent roofing issues that manifest in Michigan throughout the winter. If ignored, these can very quickly cause significant water damage. Applying an anti-icing product to your roof each year before the first snowfall is the best method to prevent these issues. It is crucial to have your roof inspected at least once every 10 years because many residential roof types only have a lifespan of 20 years or less and can degrade much more quickly than this because of things like weather, age, maintenance, and other factors that affect the integrity of a particular type of material. Ice dams, snow mould, and black ice are some of the usual wintertime issues Michigan residents have; if left untreated, these issues can all result in significant water damage. Applying an anti-icing product to the roof of your home each year before the first snowfall may help you avoid these kinds of serious problems. If you have any inquiries concerning roof repair or would like a quote, please get in touch with us right away!


Roof Replacement

To maintain the structural integrity of your home, a new roof must be installed. Your home’s interior is shielded from rain, snow, and other inclement weather by the roof. Roof damage can result in water leaking into your walls, ceilings, and insulation, which will result in mould growth and other health risks. Having a professional evaluate your roof for leaks or storm damage on a regular basis is a fantastic way to stay ahead of any potential damage; this is especially important if you live in a location where severe weather is frequent, like many parts of Michigan. It’s essential to get them fixed as soon as possible if you notice any indications that you could need a new roof, such missing shingles or broken tiles. To maintain the structural integrity of your home, a new roof must be installed. The roof shields the interior from rain, snow, and other inclement weather that could cause health risks and mould growth by allowing water to infiltrate through storm-damaged or leaky ceiling or wall crevices. Don’t forget this important aspect of managing your property by replacing a damaged roof before it gets worse because doing so will assist to alleviate these difficulties both now and in the long run. Please contact us right away at (248) 290-9984 if you require a reputable roof replacement contractor in Northville, Michigan.






Gutter services

Gutter repair is crucial since it can prevent water damage to your home. If your gutters are clogged, water may spill over a downspout’s edge and onto the surface of a roof. Depending on how much snow has fallen, this may result in leaks and ice jams on the roof. Contact us if you see that your gutters need to be repaired! For this kind of repair in the Northville, Michigan area, we can provide our services.

Any roofing installation must include a gutter system. One of the most fundamental yet crucial components of your home’s exterior are the gutters. Rainwater is diverted away from your home by gutters, preventing damage from occurring. Additionally, they aid in preventing clogs that could lead to sewer backups by keeping dirt and debris out of your gutters and drainage pipes. Gutters are available in a wide range of materials, forms, lengths, and styles to meet almost any roof style or environment. You can select conventional aluminium gutters or even green gutters created from recycled materials or other environmentally friendly practises that are more environmentally sustainable. Whatever type you choose, make sure it has a drain on the bottom edge to prevent water from sitting on top and pooling over time and causing leaks in the walls and roof.

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About Northville, MI

The American state of Michigan’s Wayne County includes the city of Northville. Following the 2010 census, the population increased from 5,968 to 22,076. It is roughly 30 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport and about 18 miles north of Ann Arbor. Eight unincorporated communities are located within Northville Township’s boundaries north of 12 Mile Road, covering a total area of more than 23 square miles (60 km2): Edwardsburg, Egremont, Greenside, Griffith, Liggett Corners, Middleville/Milford Center, Red Oaks Mill Park Area (outside city limits), and Union Lake Heights (outside city limits). 




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However, some people are unaware that a minor leak that results in a wet patch in the corner of your ceiling can quickly escalate into an issue that jeopardises the structural integrity of your home, necessitating substantial and costly repairs.

Our staff is focused on one goal: to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring. You will receive excellent work that is well worth your money.

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