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 We are a reputable roofing company in Pontiac, MI. We provide roof repair, replacement, and installation services for all types of roofs, with unparalleled workmanship and customer service.

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Southfield Roofing Pros is committed to providing the best customer service and competitive rates for our customers. We specialize in shingle replacement, roof repair, new roofs, and gutter installation. We also specialize in replacement windows which will help make your home more energy efficient by blocking out cold air during winter months while at the same time keeping you cool during hot summer months. We are a roofing company that offers free roof inspections and free estimates. Our crews will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with our services. We have over 20 years of experience with residential and commercial buildings. Give us a call at (248) 290-9984 to speak with one of our experts today!


Roof Replacement

Why do you need roofing services In Pontiac, MI?

Roofing is an essential part of any property. It protects your home from the elements and can help to increase the value of your property. Roofing also helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home all year round, which reduces energy costs. There are many reasons that you may need a new roof. Your first clue might be when your shingles start to curl up or when a leak starts in the house. This is usually due to underlying issues like mold, termites, or poor installation. Roofing is a vital investment to make sure that your home stays in good shape and you can continue to live comfortably. Roofing can also be used as an architectural detail that adds value and beauty to your home. You may need new roofing because of old age or in need of additional space such as a second story addition on your house. Roofs are also cost effective when it comes to installation and maintenance. When you need a new roof, get in touch with our roofing professionals for installation, repair or replacement!


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Roofing Installation

Roof installation is the construction process of building a roof for an entire structure. It is vital for the protection of your home. A roof provides shade for your house and protects it from harsh weather conditions such as rain, heavy snow, and strong winds. Roofs also help to distribute heat, meaning that if you live in a hotter climate, you will be able to stay cooler inside your house in the summer. Roofs can be made out of many different materials including wood shingles, metal sheets, concrete tiles, or ice and water shield membranes with asphalt shingles being the most popular material in North America – which may all have their own benefits depending on what area they are located in. If you are considering roof installation on your property contact us now!


Roof Repair Pontiac MI

Roof repair is necessary for protecting the structural integrity of your house. If there are holes, missing shingles, or other damage on the roof, water will infiltrate and be problematic for your home. There are several ways that you can identify if you need to do a roof repair. The first way is by looking at the ceiling of your home. If it has been stained or discolored in any way then it may be because water is penetrating into the home through a leak in the roof. The second way to tell if you need a roof repair is to look at vents that expel hot air from inside your house as well as vents used for cooling purposes outside of your house. These two types of vents should not have any condensation on them because when they do then it means that there’s an issue with either improper ventilation or a lack thereof which could lead to mold growth and other complications inside your home.

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Roof Replacement

Roof replacement can be a difficult and costly process, but it is essential to ensure that your home’s roof is in good shape. Roof replacement may also depend on the type of structure you have. Maintenance on your roof will prevent leaks and damages, which can lead to expensive repairs. An inspection of your roof should happen at least every two years for shingles if you live in a moderate climate and annually for metal roofs if you live in an area susceptible to hail damage or high winds.  You should regularly inspect it for damage and be aware of any warning signs that suggest it may need to be replaced. If you notice that your roof begins to sag or has too many holes, you can have the professionals at Southfield Roofing Pros who will assess your needs. Our roofers have experience in all types of roofs will allow them to provide an expert opinion on what is needed for your home’s specific needs. We will also help you get a free estimate for replacement services so you can decide if this is the best solution for your situation.

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Gutter services

Gutter repair is essential to maintain a gutter system that doesn’t clog and stop working properly. When this happens, moisture and debris can seep into the house or business causing more extensive damage than just a wet floor. It might be time for you to contact professional roofing services in Pontiac, MI if you notice any signs of problems with your gutters such as leaves and other debris accumulating in them or water pooling at the end of them. Gutter repair is an important part of maintaining your home or business because if neglected, there’s a good chance that your roof will eventually leak which can cause extensive damage to the inside. Signs that it may be time for gutter repair include leaves accumulating in gutters and water pooling at the end of them.

Gutter Installation Gutters are a necessary component of a functional roof. They help to divert water away from the house, and they help prevent leaks. Gutter installation can be an involved process that needs to be done right. For example, there is the matter of slope; gutters have to have a proper slope in order to work properly. This means that they need not only to be aimed at directing rain away from the foundation but also sloping downward so water will move swiftly and won’t build up or pool on the roofing material (paint). Gutter installation also involves cutting and sealing against leaks with sealant such as silicone caulk, where necessary. Proper gutter installation is essential for preventing leaks onto your property and for keeping your home dry. If you need gutter repair or installation, call us now at (248) 290-9984






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Pontiac, Michigan has a population of 59,955 people. Oakland County includes Pontiac. Individuals of Pontiac enjoy a dense suburban vibe, with the majority of residents renting their homes. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Pontiac. Pontiac is a family-oriented town with liberal citizens. Erebus Haunted Attraction is one of the best places to visit in Pontiac, MI.







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However, some people are unaware that a minor leak that results in a wet patch in the corner of your ceiling can quickly escalate into an issue that jeopardises the structural integrity of your home, necessitating substantial and costly repairs.

Our staff is focused on one goal: to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring. You will receive excellent work that is well worth your money.

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