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 We are a reputable roofing company in Sylvan Lake, MI. We provide roof repair, replacement, and installation services for all types of roofs, with unparalleled workmanship and customer service.

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Southfield Roofing Pros specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of roofs. Roofing Sylvan lake MI has been serving all across the state for over 50 years. We provide a variety of services to residential customers, commercial properties, and facilities that need new roofs or roof repairs. With over 100 years of combined experience of our expert team, we have seen it all. From leaky shingles to full-blown roof replacements, we are prepared for any situation. Over the years, we have managed to build an exemplary reputation in the industry by providing our customers with quality services they will be happy with. Having been in business for so long, we have mastered any and every kind of service that has to do with roofs. If you are looking to get your roof repaired or replaced, don’t hesitate! Give us a call today at (248) 290-9984.


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Why Do you need roofing In Sylvan Lake, MI?

Roofing is an important part of your home and can be one of the most expensive. Roofs are used to protect a home from outside elements such as rain, snow, hail, or sleet. A roof also helps to protect any items that may be stored in the attic from water damage. If there are any leaks in a roof, this will lead to water seeping through, which can cause all sorts of problems such as mold and rot. Roofing can be installed on top of an existing roof or it can be done when building the structure from scratch. With the right roof installed, you can expect to save money on your utility bills, enjoy improved air quality indoors, enjoy increased resale value for your home and keep yourself safe in many different ways. We take pride in the work we do because we feel that it’s important to know how much care goes into meeting all of your needs as an individual client for us – so please contact us today for your free estimate!


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Roof Installation

 A roof is an essential part of a building, and the installation is a vital step in the construction process. It serves as the protective barrier for your home, to keep you and your family safe from the elements. A properly installed roof will make your home more secure, and it will also allow you to establish your heating and cooling system. The installation process is vital to ensure the quality of workmanship so that a house can be sealed off from elements like rain and snow. Furthermore, it allows for HVAC systems to establish themselves on the property without having any leaks or breaks in the building’s foundation. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how good a roof looks if there are leaks or major damage it may need to be replaced very soon. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and offers free estimates on all projects. Contact us today for more information on roof installation!


Roof Repair 

Roof Repair is crucial for many reasons. One of the main reasons is a roof protects your family and household from outside elements during the winter months. It stops major snow accumulation and even prevents large hail from damaging your car in the driveway. A roof also shields your home from rain damage, which can happen even if it’s just a light drizzle or if there’s a storm nearby. One of the main reasons is a roof protects your family and household from outside elements during the winter months. It stops major snow accumulation and even prevents large hail from damaging your car in the driveway. A roof also shields your home from rain damage, which can happen even if it’s just a light drizzle or if there’s a storm nearby thanks to its ability to keep water away from things like window frames, doors, furniture, etc. We provide Roofing services to protect you against all types of inclement weather that may arise! Another key reason why Roof are necessary are that they increase property value by protecting investments such as siding and floors against sun exposure that destroys

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Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is necessary for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it helps to make a home’s exterior last longer. Roofs protect your home from the natural elements and strengthen the walls from moisture and heat, which can lead to sagging and warping. The roof is also a very important part of keeping your family safe during storms, as it will prevent water from entering your living space. It also protects against mold and mildew growth, which can pose health risks to residents with asthma or allergies. Safety: The roof protects against elements like rainwater flow, windblown leaves, dirt particles, and tree branches that could cause potential harm if they enter your home through an open window or door; rain gutter systems are designed in such a way as to divert water away from building foundations; wind turbine systems may be installed on roofs to generate electricity in areas not connected to utility grids; if there is no roofing system on top of a residence then you have no protection against intruders.Please call us today at (248) 290-9984 if you need a trustworthy roof replacement contractor in Sylvan Lake, MI.






Gutter services

Gutters are a crucial part of the home’s exterior and contribute to the aesthetic appeal, as well as its functionality. Gutters not only help protect against water damage to the exterior of a home but also prevent basement and interior flooding. Roofing Sylvan lake MI The gutters along your roof are there for a reason to protect your home from excessive water and moisture that can lead to wear and tear on siding, window frames, decks, soffits, fascia boards, and other parts of the house that could otherwise be damaged by excess water or rainfall. If it is not properly maintained you may get debris accumulation in the gutters which will cause clogs which will then cause water buildup in certain areas or leakages.

There are many benefits that come along with gutter installation. For one, they can help to keep your roof in great condition. The gutters divert water flow away from the roof and into a downspout. With gutters, you will also avoid having water damage to your house or property by keeping any runoff out of low-lying areas such as the basement or yard. Gutters are designed to direct the rainwater away from your home and back outside where it belongs, preventing any potential problems that could occur if it lingered around too long inside the home.

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About Sylvan Lake, MI

Sylvan Lake is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan, located on the eastern shore of Lake Sylvan. The population was 1,720 at the 2010 census and it is part of the Rochester Hills metropolitan area. The City’s name is derived from its location in Sylvan Township and its proximity to some lakes as well as an abundance of trees. The people who live in and around Sylvan lake are often seen as very liberal people due to their strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability





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However, some people are unaware that a minor leak that results in a wet patch in the corner of your ceiling can quickly escalate into an issue that jeopardises the structural integrity of your home, necessitating substantial and costly repairs.

Our staff is focused on one goal: to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring. You will receive excellent work that is well worth your money.

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