What Kind Of Roofing Is Best For Southfield MI Residents?

You may have recently decided to replace your roof. Perhaps you’ve been spying on your neighbors’ houses or perusing catalogs to see what aesthetic appeals to you and would complement the paint color on your commercial property. But, before you choose the roof that appeals to you the most, keep in mind that there are numerous other variables to consider. One of the most crucial considerations is which type of shingle is most suited to your climate and location.

Southfield has a BestPlaces yearly Comfort Index of 6.9 (10=best), making it one of Michigan’s most pleasant cities. There are various options you can check for your next roofing project. Let’s have a closer look at what kind of roofing is best for Southfield mi residents.

Asphalt Shingles

There’s a reason asphalt shingles are the most popular shingle kind. They are resistant to severe rain, snow and ice, hail, and wind, making them an excellent choice for many more temperate climates around the world. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are not necessarily the ideal choice in particularly humid and hot areas, as they will deteriorate more quickly. This is why, in many hot cities, you’ll see that homes are constructed with a heat-resistant shingle.


Roofing made of metal is also a popular alternative. It costs more than asphalt shingles, but it lasts far longer. It can endure for up to 75 years in some circumstances. Snow and ice slide off metal roofing more easily than textured materials, making it ideal for places prone to winter storms. Because it resists moisture and reflects heat, it’s also ideal for hot, humid conditions.

Roofing Using Rubber

Rubber can also be used as a roofing material. Although this material can withstand great heat and cold, being on the roof with it during the hot summer months will not be comfortable; avoid becoming overheated on a rubber roof. Rubber is often economical, eco-friendly, and simple to repair, even if it isn’t the most attractive option for a roof.

Textured Clay

Clay tiles, which come in a variety of hues and shapes, add a lovely, rustic touch to any home. In hot, humid, and tropical climates, this style of roofing is common. While clay tiles go well with the designs of dwellings common in these places, they’re also ideal for the weather. Clay is a good heat reflector and weather-resistant material.

Roof Slate

Roofs made of slate can survive up to 150 years. It’s eco-friendly, effective, fire-resistant, and resistant to heat, cold, wetness, and humidity. Because of all of these characteristics, it is suitable for almost every climate. Keep in mind, however, that slate is a relatively hefty material when compared to other materials. Before installing slate roofing, you might need to reinforce the roof.

Coating For A Cool Roof

There are occasions when the roofing materials used in roof construction require additional support from outside sources. Roof coatings that are cool play an important role in this. To reflect the light and heat from homes that are unfit for these conditions, a variety of solutions are applied.

The residents and the house are affected by the warm temperature and the roofing materials utilized. There are a variety of issues that come with living in a hot climate. However, the ten roofing materials mentioned above can be quite useful in preventing or at the very least minimizing the challenges that come with living in the Southfield climate.

There are many different types of roofing available. Some are offered in different grades to accommodate different climates. Still, before determining which option is ideal for your roof, weigh the advantages and downsides of each option in Southfield.