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Backed by our experience, you can trust our professionals in the roofing services you need.

Why Choose Southfield Roofing Pros?

The word ‘Best’ is tricky to define. Becoming the finest in a given industry or area isn’t an easy job, especially when it’s about roofing. Besides, it takes time to become the best cause, not something you can become over a night. There are certain reasons why Southfield Roofing Pros is the best roofing company.

Licensed And Insured


Southfield Roofing Pros is a licensed, insured home remodeling and building company. The roofing and masonry services we perform are entirely insured. And, having a legal license assures you that we can expect only QUALITY construction activities.



We always strive at the greatest level to give you the utmost professionalism. And that’s why; we carefully hand-picked our personnel. We’re delighted to tell you we’ve experienced expert staff. All our staff is capable, well-trained, nice, polite, and thorough. 



Southfield Roofing Pros guarantees bliss. We have tonnes of delighted customers. We’d love it if you would be added to our customer list. You’ll be delighted we treat our consumers like our family. When we do, our duty takes an entirely new shape. We’ll consider your project. We take every job to offer satisfaction. Satisfaction is the only thing you will experience after having any project with us.

Safe And Trusted


As we have already stated, Southfield Roofing Pros is a licensed home improvement company that has been providing all forms of construction, roofing, and masonry work for many years. We’re giving top-quality roofing service. A license confirms you can trust us. And, with nine years of industry experience, we can say that working with us is entirely safe.

Qualified Roofing


Well, one of the key reasons you should choose for your home remodeling and construction projects is QUALITY. At Southfield Roofing Pros we’ve always tried our best to ensure the highest quality level. Whatever form of service you pick from us, we can ensure that we will deliver high-quality materials. Note that only high-grade materials can offer the greatest quality. And, acquiring the finest quality is any customer’s major expectation when it comes to home improvement or construction.

Free Consulting


If you have any inquiries or issues about home improvement or building work, please contact Southfield Roofing Pros at any time. Call us or give us a direct message. Our skilled team will provide you with the greatest quality of help for any building and construction queries. Moreover, you can visit Southfield Roofing Pros.

You can obtain “Free Consultation” from our skilled, expert team members on home improvement and building projects.



To make things convenient enough, we made payment straightforward. Yes, we accept all payment methods. Whatever fits you most, choose that option and work out a deal with us.

Roofing Solution


Southfield Roofing is the one-stop solution for all your home improvement and construction needs. We assure you that we directly manage all our projects using the most experienced and skilled personnel.

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With over many years of roofing, siding, and gutters, Southfield Roofing Pros is a Michigan-based roofing company. We service surrounding areas such as Ferndale, Royal. Oak and Oak Park, MI. We specialize in delivering roofing services as well as home improvement and building tasks.

We offer roofing installations, roof replacement, siding, gutter services, and various other roofing services. At Southfield Roofing Pros, we specialize in achieving your ideal roof, be it your business or house. And that’s why guaranteeing the highest QUALITY was always our major concern.

We realize the impact of a poorly-performing roof on your roof’s value. We all know that a well-maintained and high-quality roof may undoubtedly boost your property’s selling value. So, we do at Southfield Roofing Pros giving your home a flawless roof.

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